About Aurex Biomining AG

Aurex Biomining AG has been founded in 2006 in Switzerland and is registered in the companies register of the district of St. Gallen (Registry No. CH-320.3.059.072-4)

Chairman of the Board:
Thomas Brunner (A)

Board Member and Administration:
Dr. Urs Schmied (CH)
Elisabeth Haidvogel (A)

Geological Consultant:
Dr. Richard Vielreicher (D)
Univ. Prof. Dr. DI Werner Paar (A)
Dr. Martin Oczlon (D)

Geophysical Consultant:
Dr. Johannes Stoll (D) – MGT Company

Public Relations:
Ing. Thomas Breuss (A)

The members of the board are holding together 26% of the company’s total number of shares

As internationally usual, the registered shares of Aurex Biomining AG are not in printed form, but electronically listed rights to shares. The shares register is kept by board member Ms. Elisabeth Haidvogl as a trustee, who also manages the company’s office. An up-to-date duplicate is kept by the other board members and at the registered office of the company in Wattwil.
The Aurex Biomining AG has issued a total number of 60 million shares. By March 31, 2018 355 shareholders, amongst them one shareholder’s company, three limited liability companies and many private investors were listed. The exploration work is financed by resources of the Aurex Biomining AG and from the sale of shares held by the company. This allows for the continuation of the extended exploration- and development work in the project areas performed by our Austrian subsidiary, Silbermine Zeiring GmbH.

Next year, we plan to apply for a listing at an international stock exchange.





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